Monday, October 20, 2014

Class Time!

There has only been one class that I have dreaded here at south, but other than that I have pretty much enjoyed all my other classes. My favorite class so far though, is a class I am in this semester. It is Introduction to Occupational Therapy (OT). I enjoy this class for many reasons. One reason is throughout my freshman year I took all general education classes just like everyone else who goes to college. They were are basic and did not have much to do with my major. Now I am finally getting to start classes that deal with what I want to do with the rest of my life and that excites me! Another reason I love this class is that the teacher is an actual Occupational Therapist and was in OT school not too long ago. I don't know about y'all but I once had an English teacher was German and had a lisp so you couldn't understand her. Its hard to learn from someone teaching English when English was not even their first language. It makes it a lot easier when a person is experienced in what they are teaching. My professor is very passionate about what she does and you really really see her heart for OT when she teaches. This makes learning from her a breeze. Not only is she giving us book definitions but she is giving us real life stories that have happened to her while at work and she makes them applicable to us. Because she graduated from OT school just a few years ago, that part of her life is still fresh to her as well. Occupational Therapy school is super competitive and she can provide us with tips for how to succeed, be prepared, and be a competitive applicant. She was in our very shoes not too long ago sitting in the very seat in the very classroom so we are able to connect with her really well. The third reason OT 201 is my favorite class is because everything I have been able to learn in that class. I have learned a lot about Occupational Therapy in this class which will really prepare me for the interview process. The forth reason I really enjoy this class is because it is just fun. We do activities, projects, presentations and things like that. I am a very kinesthetic learner and the fact that she lets us do hands on types of learning I am able to learn a lot better than I would if she made us read a book. There are so many more reasons I love this class (sometimes I even tear up in this class because her passion for what she does creates a passion down in me) but these are the main reasons that Intro. to OT has been my favorite class here at South so far.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Jags Got Spirit, Yes We Do!!!

It's homecoming week here at South and although campus is always filled with school spirit, this is a week that we step up our spirit game. The campus is full of sheet signs painted with red, white, blue, glitter, and jaguar print. There is fun stuff going on at the student center and the cafeteria night and day. Who doesn't love free stuff? Homecoming week come with a lot of goodies as well. Free t-shirts, free snow cone, and free goody bags. The bookstore has sweet deals like giving everything with a South Alabama logo on it a 20% discount price. Tonight we will be "junking the jungle" or rolling the traffic circle with thousands of rolls of toilet paper. Later in the week there will be parades, pep rallies and bon fires! This week will conclude with the home coming game against Georgia State. Although the week will be over the spirit will continue to live at South whether or not we win or loose! I'm pretty sure we are going to win, though! Go Jagssssss!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Experiences only South Can Offer

There are so many experiences I have had at South it is hard to just pick one.  A lot of experiences you have at college are things you can also experience at any other college. There are some experiences that I have had here that I know I would not have been able to had any where else. Just a few include meeting my roommate and becoming best friends with her, being a Jag Guide and getting to help prospective students, playing Oozeball... because what other school has a campus wide mud volleyball tournament, being on leadership team at the Baptist Campus Ministries and leading freshman girls in Bible study, becoming a part of a really great church family at Moffett Road Baptist Church, but most importantly finding out what I want to do with the rest of my life.

I came to South not knowing what I wanted to do and that really scared me because I like to have a plan for everything. I did have a plan all through out high school and that is what led me to South because they had a really great program for what I wanted to do. That plan changed my senior year of high school but I still felt called to go to South. I came here scared to death thinking I would never figure out what I wanted to do with me life. I knew I wanted to be in the medical field but I did not want to deal with blood and guts. I was introduced to my major which is Professional Health Science. It is broad major in the College of Allied Heath that covers all the basics and allows you to come out of the program as an overseer of health providers and hospitals. I felt like this major was good for me. It was still in the health field and If I did not necessarily find a career I could graduate, get a job and still be doing something I have a passion for; serving others. Finding this major put me a little more at ease. At least I had some sort of path to follow now and something is better than nothing. I started venturing all the health professions out there and one that really stood out to me was Physical Therapy. It was defiantly leaning towards what I wanted to know but still did not feel 100% right. After talking to some people about this I was introduced to Occupational Therapy. It hit the nail on the head. I would have that one-on-one time with patients which I greatly desired and something my major may not give me. I also have a heart for special needs children which as a Pediatric Occupational Therapist I would be able to serve many children with disabilities. I was so happy when I found my career! I was even happier when I found out South is one of the three schools in Alabama that has an Occupational Therapy program.

To you this probably is not the most exciting thing that you would hope to read about as a college experience. To me it is one of the most exciting things that has happened to me since I have been at South. I am sure that it is the very reason I felt called to come to South to figure that out. Had I went to another University I might have still been searching. As I am continuing to learn about the program, getting to know some of the faculty on staff, and getting involved with some of the students that are in the program I am falling more and more in love with my decision to become an Occupational Therapist!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Senior List

So my whole life is a list. I make lists for everything and if I don't make a list for my day I feel so scatter brained. Some people don't feel the need to make lists and they just go with the flow. I really wish I could be a little more balanced with the two, but going with the flow highly stresses me out! My senior year contained many lists. I will share with you guys a list that may be applicable to your life right now as a senior in high school.

1. Enjoy your year! It's your last one in your current school! Do fun things, hang out with your friends(you will more than likely not all be going to the same college), and don't rush it!! You will never get it back.

2. Study, Study, Study! Make the last year your best! You may be like me and never really had to study to make good grades. College is different and believe me you will. Use your senior year to take some challenging courses and practice truly studying.

3. Narrow down your college choices. To help you do this many colleges send recruiters to high schools. Take advantage of their visits to find out which schools are best for you. Make some college visits and take some campus tours. This is what really helped me to narrow down what school I wanted to attend. If you don't feel at home on campus then that probably means that college isn't for you.

4. If you have not taken the ACT or you need a better score. Take it soon!

5. Create a resume. Some colleges require a resume in their applications some scholarships require resumes. Whether you are required to create a resume or not it is always nice to have one on hand.

6. Apply!! Apply to more than one school. You always need a back up plan in case plan a falls through.

7. Decide on a major. Figure out what career you want in life and pick a major that lines up with that. If you have not yet figured out what you want to do, no worries! You have plenty of time to figure that out. Your whole freshman year is general courses that everyone has to take.

8. Apply for as many scholarships as you can get your hands on. The small ones for $50 and $200 may not seem like much, but every single dollar helps

9. Girls, decorate your dorm on pinterest and repin all those college supply lists and college checklists. Guys, have your mom or girlfriend pick out supplies for your dorm.

10. I said this at the top and I am going to say it again. Enjoy every second of your senior year!

11. Finally, GRADUATE!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Time of Freedom Maybe, but Not Free Time

The last thirteen years you more than likely have gone to school from eight to three Monday through Friday. Going to college is a little different. You can go to class Monday through Friday, Tuesday and Thursday, Monday Wednesday Friday, the weekend, or online. You can take all eight ams, all night classes, early afternoon classes, late afternoon classes, or spread them out all day long. Regardless of how you schedule your classes, you aren't in class thirty five hours a week like you were in high school. If you are like me, you like your life to work off a schedule. Even as a schedule orientated person, it was difficult for me to go from not having a lot of time to be responsible for to having a whole lot of time I was responsible for filling. It is tempting at first because you look at your class schedule and you realize you are out of class more than you are in class. Sleeping, eating, hanging out, napping, going to the pool, going to the beach, going to the flea market, watching T.V. crafting, spending hours at church and the BCM, social media, going home and talking on the phone are just a few of the things that I wanted to fill all of my free time. Reality hits real quick once you do this for a week or two. Even though you are not in class you should study two hours for every hour of class, and that does not include homework. Being apart of clubs and organizations that will help you in your career path, volunteering, shadowing, sleeping and eating also feel in that time you aren't in class. As you add all this up all the stuff I wanted to take up my free time decreased greatly on my list of priorities. Don't get me wrong, there is still time to have fun and do things you enjoy but there are some days that is feels like there are not enough hours in a week. My advise is to make a list of priorities ( if class isn't at the top then you might want to reevaluate your values because that is why you are here) and make a list of your class schedule. Start filling in your "free spaces" with your priorities starting at the top and when you run out of free time then you have to knock off some of the ones lower on the list. It is definitely okay to change priorities from week to week so you can squeeze everything in. Just don't get so excited about all your "free time" that you forget about what is important. You can also make your schedule flexible. Sometimes you realize work needs to come before clubs and sometimes you notice you need to take off work to attend these clubs so you will see there will be a lot of compromise between your priorities. Again, if you are like me if you allow too much flexibility to your schedule you will notice your priorities getting out of line.  It is all about having a healthy balance.

Here is a small example of what my week might look like( this is a rough example I through together really quickly)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Football!!! Go Jags!

As most of you know, there is a football game coming up that is kind of a big deal. The South vs. State game has got the whole campus buzzing. In honer of this big game, I would like to share one of my favorite experiences at a South Alabama football game. It was last year's homecoming. I loved the environment, the food, the people, and everything about that day; except for maybe the weather- it was raining. Some friends and I got all dressed up in our red, white, blue, and jaguar print and drove to the stadium a few hours before the game started. Everyone was tailgating- some people even brought their campers. There were tents every where and underneath all those tents was food! Some guy was boiling the biggest shrimp I have ever seen. It was so yummy. People were taking lots of pictures. Pictures with the huge shrimp and pictures with people they didn't even know. Everyone was just so pumped up, and we were not going to let the rain stop us or get us down. There was even several trucks with tons of people in the back of them throwing red, white, and blue beads at everyone. Going to sporting events is a great way to support your school. I heave a feeling the University of South Alabama will definitely be supported by the attendance of the South and State game this weekend. Go Jags! And beat MSU!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Big Transition

When I was a senior in high school,  had my acceptance letters in hand, and knew which college I was going to attend, I never thought about going to college as a huge life-changing transition. I was too busy rushing my senior year away and decorating my dorm on pinterest. I was so ready to be done with high school--- I had senioritits bad! I also never really looked at is at a big thing because its just what you did after high school. Going to college was just the next step in life. You go to second grade after you are done with first and you go to college after you are done with high school. It was not until I got to South,  that I realized how big of a transition it really was. I had a realization that I will go home to visit, but that I would never LIVE at my house again. Mobile is my home and now and once I am done here I will have my own place. That realization was a little hard to take in but it is just part of growing up. This transition is still going on in my life as I am now living in an apartment. It is all so new to me. This transition was a good thing. It caused me to grow up and I am continuing to learn new things about myself and the 'real' world around me everyday. Some other things I had to overcome in this transition were things such as learning how to study, going outside of my comfort zone, and scheduling my own time. In high school, it was so easy. I never had to study and still made straight A's. In college that is not an option. I had to learn how to study because I had never had to do it before. Each class requires a different method of studying and figuring out which methods worked best for me was challenging at first. I am also, until I get to know you, a really shy person. I came to South by myself and had know friends down here. I had to show a little of my outgoing side to complete strangers (which was really hard for me) for me to be able to make some friends. One of the last big things that I had to battle was my schedule. In high school I went to school from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm, went to work from 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm, and went home, did some home work, and went to bed. This was Monday through Friday.College is so different and you have random time slots your free and different days and it is just really hard for me to have a consistent schedule. My goal in telling you all of this is not to scare you guys out of college but to help you mentally prepare for what is a head. The more prepared you are the easier the transition will be!