Monday, October 5, 2015

It's Fall Y'all!

Fall is my favorite time of year! I love the colors, the smells, the flavors... I love everything that comes with the fall season. I do wish the days were a little longer, but other than that, fall is my season! My favorite thing about fall, where to start? The weather. The temperature is perfect! You aren't sweating but you aren't freezing. You get to wear cute boots and scarves and go to bed with the window open. The colors. The reds, the oranges, yellows, golden-browns... I love them all. The warmth of these colors make me really happy! The smells. I loveee fall candles! As soon as the fall scents came in, I went to Bath and Body works and spent an hour walking around smelling all the smells of fall. I also bought a pumpkin cupcake car freshener. The flavors!! So this is a new favorite of mine. I used hate the taste of pumpkin, but as I have gotten older my taste buds have changed and it's probably one  of my favorite flavors. Pumpkin spice mochas, pumpkin buntlets, pumpkin tea lattes, pumpkin EVERYTHING!!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

For its J-A-G-U-A-R-S

One of the MANY perks of going to South is that we get to attend all home sporting events for FREE!! Here in the south, we love our football! Some people even say it's a religion here. Since it's football season who's excited about some Jag football?! I sure am. I'm actually going to the game this weekend. My favorite things to do to get pumped up for a football game is dress up and tailgate! I am always keeping my eye out for cute game-day dresses. After I get ready with some of my girlfriends; all decked out in red, white, and blue; we like to get to the game several hours before kick off to play some corn hole and stuff our faces. I remember one time my freshman year when we boiled some shrimp. They were the biggest shrimp I had ever seen. I could barely hold it with one hand. So I'm excited to see what pre-game food we will be enjoying this weekend! Go Jags! Beat North Carolina!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Virgil I. to South Alabama

My transition from high school to college was emotion-filled to say the least. As a senior at Virgil I. Grissom High, I was so ready to get out of Huntsville. I was done with high school, done with living at home, and ready to start the next chapter of my life. I was so excited about going off to college pretty far from home. It was not terribly far to where I would have to fly, but it was far enough. I graduated high school, packed my bags, loaded my car, and started the "Long Family Caravan" to Mobile. Once I got here and decorated my room all cute and made it mine, I became even more excited to make this new place my home. Once my family headed back to their lives in Huntsville, my emotions of excitement quickly changed in the opposite direction. Only three people from my class came to South. It was me and two other people whom I was not close with. So after my family left I knew my roommate and no one else... I quickly realized how much I missed my high school fiends, sleeping in my own bed, and my familiar city. This got me down hardcore for a couple of weeks. Everyday, I went to class and came back to my dorm and cried myself to sleep. It got so bad that I even filled out a transfer application for University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH). My parents encouraged me to stick it out for the rest of the semester and if I still wanted to transfer, then I could. They encouraged me to get involved and make some friends to keep my mind off things. Once I got involved in different clubs, organizations, and a local church my depression turned into comfort. I finally started to feel like I belonged. I had made some friendships with people I know will still exist when we are in nursing homes. I got busy with extracurricular activities and events hosted by my clubs and organizations. I found some other people from Huntsville who were older than me who went through the same thing I had been going through and talked to them about how they got through it. This was such an encouragement. I got to see people who were in the same shoes as me and see them on the other side of that struggle. If I had one piece of advice to give to incoming college freshmen, it would be to get involved as soon as you get here. It makes a world of difference. You can't go through the transition alone so meet some new people to help you get through it with you!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

My Favortie Course?

What is my favorite course currently here at South and why, you ask? Well as I mentioned before, I am a Professional Health Science major on the Pre Occupational Therapy track so the majority of my classes consist of health-related courses. I love these courses and  enjoy learning things I will need to pursue my career in them, but sometimes they can be a little stressful. As one of the pre requisites for OT school, I have to take an applied art class. For my applied art I chose ceramics. I was really worried about this course at first because I heard it was a very time consuming class. It is 3 days a week for 2.25 hours a day and we are supposed to put in 3 additional hours in the lab outside of class time. I was worried all this time would take away from the time I would need to study for my other classes. I am four weeks into the class and it is very time consuming and I have put in many  more than the required hours of the course. It is so stress relieving; though. It is nice to take a break from my academic classes and pinch on clay for a couple hours. When I get overwhelmed in my studies outside of school, it is nice to be able to go to the lab and work on my creations. It can get frustrating sometimes. I am a perfectionist so I want everything to be perfect and I want to be the best at the things I do, so I get very frustrated when I am not good at something and when what I am doing isn't turning out the way that I envisioned it. I am a very crafty and creative person and I have always loved doing arts-and-crafts, DYI projects, painting... things of that nature. I had never worked with clay so while I was excited to try something new and different, let my creative side show, and express myself while doing it in the area I do it best; I was nervous that I would not be good at it. The projects I have created so far are
not art show worthy but all the hard work I put into my work is really showing and I am proud of how things are turning out.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

This is Me!

Hey guys! My name is Ellisa Long (It's pronounced like Melissa, without the 'm'). I was born and raised in Huntsville Alabama. I graduated from Grissom High School in the class of 2013. There I enjoyed dancing, be apart of and leading in FCA, First Priority, and Junior Civitan.

I originally wanted to go to school for Pharmacy and I knew that South had a great program for that. Once I got here, I realized that was not the plan for my life. I knew that I wanted to serve people in the health field and that I did not want to deal with blood and guts. I was introduced to Occupational Therapy a couple of months into my freshman year. It lined up perfectly with what I wanted to do as well as lining up with two of my greatest passions; special needs kidos and creativity. So five majors later I am proudly a pre occupational therapy student who will apply for the advanced program in the spring.

As a Junior here at South, I am really involved as a leader at the Baptist Campus Ministries, my local church, and the President of Pre-OT club. My back up major is Health Management so I'm finally getting into my major and taking lots of health related courses and I LOVE IT!

When I am not going to class, studying, leading, or attending events with my organizations I enjoy swimming, working out, leading a ladies' Bible study, having deep talks at the Bell Tower, playing with animals, going to Mobile Swing, painting, watching Miranda Sings, hammocking, eating free meals and Mexican food, going to the beach, and
playing board games.

And that's me!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Week of Welcome!

Week of Welcome (WOW) is such a fun and exciting week and I am so glad it was brought back to South this year! I feel this week is a very important week in all student's school year and especially freshmen. For most freshmen, they have moved away from home and this is the first time they are on their own. This week allows students to get their mind off of missing home and gives them some fun activities to be a part of to occupy their time. It allows students to see what South is really all about, know what they want to be a part of, find out who they are, and discover where they belong. This week is not all about the freshmen though. Week of welcome allows upper classmen to step up and be leaders in their clubs, organisations, and activities. They can become big brothers/sisters to the incoming freshmen because they know how this works and they were once in their shoes. I personally enjoyed this year's week of welcome for both aspects. I enjoyed attending some of the activities that were offered and I also enjoyed being a leader at some of the activities that my own organizations offered. My favorite part about WOW was getting to meet some knew freshmen and making connections with them.

Monday, April 27, 2015

This week is the last week of classes, which means finals week is just a few days away. This week, for me, is filled with emotions. I am so nervous that I am not going to do well on my finals, I am anxious because this week is so busy I am not sure when I am going to get the chance to sit down and study, I am sad to leave all my friends here for the summer, I am excited to be with my family and friends from home, and many more crazy emotions that are not usually felt all at once. There are a few things that get me through this time of year. One, COFFEE. Especially on gloomy, rainy days like today when I would rather be in bed than studying; coffee keeps me going.  Two, my future. Thinking about spending the rest of my life loving on children as an occupational therapist motivates me to keep my head up and study hard.  Three, home. The fact that I get to spend three months at home with my family and friends from high school in seven days excites me greatly and serves as encouragement to get through this week.

Don't let me scare you too bad, though. Sometimes finals are not as bad as they seem. This year I got really lucky. One of my finals is online, one is a take home student evaluation that I get to turn in this week, and one I get to exempt because I have an A in the class and less than two absences. So I only have to take two real, in class finals and they are both on Monday, which is the first day of finals and then I am done. I mentioned before how I did not know when I would get the chance to study and you are probably thinking I have all the time in the world because I only have to study for two exams. This week is crazy crunch week. I have two papers, a presentation, two quizzes, and 8 online assignments due this week on top of going to class. I am hosting an end of the year banquet at the BCM one night, my pastor is having us over for dinner one night, I am going out to eat with two of my friends for their birthday one night, I have one more night of work, and I have to clean and pack everything up that I am taking home this summer. So as you can see, I am stressin a little about time management. I am staying positive though because I always find time study and I know that it is the most important thing right now and that if I need to, I can step back from some of my non-academic obligations this week.